Spa Treatments

Signature Massage...

30 minutes-$50 | 60 minutes-$95 | 90 minutes-$135

Using a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, this session will be catered to your body's needs.Whether your goal is to relax or address specific issues, this is the perfect compliment to your stay.

Hot Stone Therapy... 

60 minutes-$110 | 90 minutes-$150

Warm basalt stones gently soothe and relax the tension stored in your body.  A truly profound experience that results in a very grounded and rejuvenated you.

Mother to be Massage...

60 minutes-$95

This gentle massage, using pillows for support, will help the expecting mommy relax. Massage can help with fatigue and muscle soreness brought on by the body's changes during pregnancy. Contraindicated during the first trimester.

Signature Facial... 

70 minutes-$110

Aromatic compresses introduce your skin to a holistic facial that includes herb-infused steam followed by pure, organic products designed to leave your skin with a healthy glow.

Illuminating Facial...

100 minutes-$150

For those who are seeking radiance combined with a renewed sense of body awareness, relaxation begins with a warm foot soak and scrub.  Aromatic compresses prepare the skin for this thorough facial.  Gentle strokes stimulate the lymph to detoxify the skin and begin it's natural regenerative process.  Pure ingredients are applied to hydrate, refine and strengthen your skin. A gentle scalp massage and foot reflexology stimulate the body's healing process while simultaneously deepening your relaxed state. 

Lavender Body Treatment... 

100 minutes-$170

This experience is the perfect remedy for one who is looking for total body bliss. First, a light exfoliation with cornmeal and organic dried lavender buds generate a soft glow to the skin. Pampering yet powerfully medicinal, the heat producing essential vapors of our deep lavender massage melt away mental stress, while enveloping the body in warm essental oils. A soothing mini facial and hot stone foot massage using organic lavender-infused oil finish this decadence.


*Please note that we only have one therapist on staff so space is limited and "couples" treatments are not available.  If you are looking for mulitple treatments during the same time we have some incredible high end spas within close proximity of the hotel, and we would be happy to give you their information or even schedule an appointment for you.


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